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Guidelines for a Sustainable Development Plan for the European economy

June 19th 2012

Alberto Majocchi

Guidelines for a Sustainable Development Plan for the European economy. Towards a Federal Fiscal Union

This paper is the reference for the Working Group on the “European Development Plan and Government of the European Economy” promoted by Centro Studi sul Federalismo. The Working Group is coordinated by Prof. Alberto Majocchi (University of Pavia) who drafted the text and supplemented it with contributions from Alfonso Iozzo, Roberto Palea and Michele Ruta. The Final Report of the Working Group is scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2012 and will include further analysis on the most important issues for the “European Development Plan”.

Contents – 1) From the debt crisis to a European economic recovery plan; 2) The world market and the globalisation process; 3) Globalisation and the constraints on economic policy; 4) A model of growth based on environmental protection; 5) Limitations on debt and the fiscal compact; 6) Financial stability of the Eurozone and the ESM; 7) Carbon tax and sustainable development; 8) Objectives of the new model of sustainable development; 9) The European plan for sustainable development; 10) Funding the plan; 11) Increasing the European budget and the financial transaction tax; 12) The European Treasury and fiscal federalism; 13) From fiscal union to a European Federation