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Directions for reform of the European Union treaties

September 12th 2012

Antonio Padoa Schioppa

This paper is part of the research activities of the Working Group on “The Reform of the Lisbon Treaty and the Constitutionalization of the Eurozone”, promoted by the Centre for Studies on Federalism (CSF) and coordinated by Prof. Antonio Padoa Schioppa (University of Milan, Professor Emeritus of History of Law, former President of the CSF). This is a slightly abridged version of the paper in Italian, available in the CSF’s website: www.csfederalismo.it . A previous version of the paper was published in the Italian bi-monthly review Il Mulino, 3/2012.

Index –1. Introduction; 2. Two regulatory levels in the Union system; 3. Principles and competences; 4. The institutions; 5. Budget, Union taxation, European Central Bank; 6. Enhanced cooperation; 7. European defence; 8. Planetary cosmopolitan guidelines; 9. Modify the Treaties or starting a new Treaty?; Appendix: Myths to dispel

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