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European defence: action and commitment - March 23 2017

The worsening security environment and increasing pressure of the United States under Trump ask for a great jump forward in European defence cooperation. The EU Global Strategy of June 2016 provides direction, but what will really count is its implementation. This Policy Brief by Margriet Drent and Dick Zandee analyses how the current momentum in European security and defence can be maintained. The European Commission is willing to invest in defence research and military capabilities, but this raises questions about the responsibilities of the EU institutions and the member states who own and deploy military forces. At the same time, EU funding might attract capitals to collaborate more. It can help to increase commitment of member states to solving European shortfalls. This Policy Brief looks at how new relations can be set up between the key actors involved, how increased commitment by member states can be achieved and in which way financial incentives can be used while at the same time involving European defence industries. [...]